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    Emulsifier NP series

    For a long time, we have imported various surfactants and their derivatives. already established business relationships with well-known companies such as BASF, DOW, sasol, Clariant and others. Introducing advanced technology to help customers develop and solving problems are our consistent pursuit.

    At the same time, we have also established a good partnership with our peers and domestic factories.
    In the field of surfactant, we strive to be more professional and comprehensive to help customers develop and innovate.

    Any demand, please to call us, we are waiting for your good news and cooperation!

    Contact: Zhang Zhiliang
    Tel: +86-18957372751 / +86-573-88180573
    No. Type Classification
    1 NP-2 Emulsifier NP series
    2 NP-3 Emulsifier NP series
    3 NP-4 Emulsifier NP series
    4 NP-5 Emulsifier NP series
    5 NP-6 Emulsifier NP series
    6 NP-7 Emulsifier NP series
    7 NP-9 Emulsifier NP series
    8 NP-10 Emulsifier NP series
    9 NP-20 Emulsifier NP series

    Tel: +86-573-88181891 / 88180573
    Fax: +86-573-88185736
    Address: Room 1708, Jinyue Fortune Center, 303 Zhenxing East Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang
    Website: www.shafmart.com

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